KIGALI ON A BUDGET: all you need to know

Kigali on a budget

You’ll know that we are doing our best to keep you updated on the ways to have fun in Rwanda, however budget is something that concerns many of you. Kigali […]

Rwanda’s Global Sounds

Rwanda’s Global Sound The vibrant musical scene of Rwanda is a treat for all music lovers of every age and every taste. RWANDA does not disappoint when it comes to […]



What does a night out in Kigali look like? This is something many people always want to know.  Well, the short answer is a lot but to be realistic, there […]

All you need to know to enjoy Rwanda

Kigali city

In the land of a thousand hills, family comes first and there’s no better way to celebrate family than having fun together. Family time should be a fun experience and […]

Bambino Super City

Bambino Super City is a small theme park, perfect for taking the kids out and affordable. They have a swimming pool and some fun rides that are sure to thrill […]

Five things to do when visiting Rwanda

Rwanda is a relatively small country that lies south of the Equator, in the heart of Africa. Aside from being the safest and cleanest country in Africa, Rwanda offers an […]

Fazenda Sengha Fun For Everyone

Fazenda Sengha is an outdoor recreationnal center located on top of Mount Kigali, Nyamirambo, Kigali (Rwanda). It faces Northwest and its special location offers beautiful views of the valley and […]

Mamba Bowling Lanes

Mamba Bowling Lanes is actually a hostel that hosts a range of activities. There are six bowling lanes that are open for public use. Mamba Club is a fun getaway […]