Rwanda’s Global Sounds

Rwanda’s Global Sound

The vibrant musical scene of Rwanda is a treat for all music lovers of every age and every taste. RWANDA does not disappoint when it comes to music and homegrown talent. Here you will find all genres of music; Afrobeats, Gospel, Country, Jazz, Traditional (with the help of musical instruments, which are unique to Rwanda), Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap, and Rwanda’s very own Kinyatrap (performed in Kinyarwanda, Swahili, English and French combining elements of Trap, Grime, Drill, and Afro-pop rhythm).

No visit to RWANDA is complete without the music. Many venues and hotels throughout the country offer diverse and global musical selections. The DJs of Rwanda, both Female and Male, are as gifted and talented as any country, and many have taken the world stage.

Visitors to the country are welcomed by the sounds and rhythms unique to Rwanda. Traditional music is performed on an ingoma (drum), inanga (oval-shaped harp) , umuduli (string a musical bow), iningiri (a violin-like instrument played with an umuchiri or bow) and icyembe (a music box with acoustic strings) urusengo (bamboo flute), umwirongi (a flute made of lobelia), amakondera (a horn used to play a smooth, long-drawn echoing sound) and amahembe (trumpets made of antelope horns). ikembe (a local version of the mbira or kalimba), ikinyuguri or urunyege(rattle), urutaro or intara (winnowing basket), and amayugi (small spherical belts attached to the ankles).

Traditional songs are known as indirimbo. They fall under many categories, the most popular being those in praise of a dynasty (urugera), pastoral songs (amahambo), choral songs (ibihozo), lullabies, love songs, songs of complaint, hunting songs (amahigi), warriors’ songs (indirimbo zingabo), songs accompanying war dances (indirimbo z intare) and wrestling songs (amusare). Traditional music of Rwanda is distinct and inviting, and lures you into celebration.

As a local or visitor you will want to treat yourself and others to one of the many Music Festivals and Musical events hosted in Rwanda. Here a just a few you should make sure you put on your calendar:

Which started in 2011 and highlights Rwandan homegrown talent and world musicians. It’s an annual event in which you can enjoy reggae, blues, hip-hop, and pop artist.

Birthed in 2013, the Hobe Rwanda Festival focuses on Rwandan culture; Hobe promotes local musicians, artists, and dancers with a two-day fest that usually takes place in September.

This is a new monthly event held once a month for Christians and lovers of Gospel music at The Prayer House in Kicukiro, and tickets can cost 5000rwf (early bird) and up to 50,000rwf (at the Gate VIP).

Promises to deliver “amazing homegrown hip-hop talent.”

Presents itself as The 1st Ultimate Jazz Event platform in Rwanda where JAZZ meets other music Genres with performing artists from across the world.

A new Festival you may want to mark your calendar debuts in 2023, featuring international reggae, hip-hop, and afro-beat artists, as well as local and traditional African styles.

Visit me weekly as I am here to help you stay on top of the best Rwanda offers!

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Auntie Wynndie
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