What does a night out in Kigali look like? This is something many people always want to know.  Well, the short answer is a lot but to be realistic, there is no short answer for this. Kigali is a city of high spirits and it comes alive at night,  the bars are packed, people in line at nightclubs, and occasional concerts.  

Restaurants, cocktail bars, nightclubs, and so on are all open till late at night to enhance that nightlife.  The icing on the cake is that most of these activities are affordable so there is something for everyone.  Anyways, I have enjoyed the nightlife of Kigali so let me suggest a few places… figures crossed I do them justice.


Let’s kick things off with Blackstone Lounge. I don’t know what it is about this place but the blend of lavish elegance and ultra-luxury staff services create a memorable experience. I had to include it because it is the true representation of The Kigali nightlife.

To top this off, I get to relish some delightful Live performances from the prominent DJs, bands, and local musicians every time am there. With their great music coupled with a spacious dance floor, you will get to gyrate and dance your heart out. The vibe in this place is just electric. 

Location: KBC, KN5 Rd. Kigali

Opening hours

All week





I will use the word, “elegance”  which is an understatement for Select. I have been at Select a couple of times and things seem to get better every time. This place carries the glitz and glamour of a luxury boutique hotel, into the nightlife experience. 

I got to experience a fine dining experience in one section of their lounge and stepped outside to terrific music and people dancing and having fun, basically the best of both worlds.  I have to warn you that you are not going to get in unless you come really early or make a reservation, it doesn’t matter if it is a weeknight or weekend.  

Opening hours

All week





My impression of People Bar was as the name suggests it brings people together. There are no tables or chairs to get in your way, just a pure seamless dance flow of people on the dance floor. I don’t know if it was the drinks or the music but I had a euphoric experience that kept me dancing for hours.

There is also a sitting area to slow the night down with their amazing cocktails as you recharge. It even features views of Kigali on the balcony, and in the heat and sweat of dancing, we all need some fresh air.

Location: KG 543 st, Kigali

Opening Hours

All week 20:00-02:00




I don’t think anyone has fully experienced nightlife unless they have been to Envy. It’s the drinks, the food, the music, the dance floor, and the energy it radiates. This place gives you a chance to experience live music and it is almost a second home for the Rwandan mainstream DJs.

If you’ve got the bucks, this place is worth your last penny, and even for those on a tight budget, at least drop by for one drink.  Spoiler alert, you better have a reservation, especially on weekends to avoid the queue.

Location: 1-17 KG 674 st, Kigali

Opening Hours

All week 8:00- 01:00




If you think you’ve experienced Kigali nightlife, you haven’t had the ultimate experience until you’ve been to Choma’D. This place exceeded all my expectations: it was the food, the drinks, the staff, the people, the music, they basically ticked every box. This place is always packed and for good reason, it is not just the hype this place is worth all the credit it receives. This place is just the right atmosphere that’s probably why you get to rub shoulders with Kigali’s celebrities. A night here will probably cause a dent in your bank account but it is worth it. 

Location: 13 KG 624 St, Kigali

Opening Hours

All week 11:30- 00:00




You need to be in peak physical condition if you want to take full advantage of this Lounge. The combination of good music and the variety of drinks will keep you on the dance floor for as long as you can handle it. Personally, many things stand out, from the colorful lighting to the A-list DJs and the proximity to the balcony for when I needed to catch my breath. 

Even more impressive, they offer reasonable prices that cater to those looking to splurge and, most of us, the average club-goers. The experience at Shooters will make you lose track of time so keep an eye out for the sunrise.

Location: KN 5 rd, Kigali

Opening Hours





Riders is one of the most popular hangouts in Kigali but to be honest, I didn’t expect much before I spend a night out at the lounge. This place is a hidden gem in an oasis of the Kigali night spots. Riders Lounge is where to go if you are on a budget but a fantastic night out with friends, the best of the two worlds. With this great value for money, I now understand why people can get enough of it.

Location: KG 7 Ave, Kigali

Opening Hours





Pili Pili really knows how to spice things up, this place creates a scene each night that is high-energy and fun. If I had to describe Pili Pili in one word it would be unmatched. They’ve got everything you expect from a top club0; the great music, the amazing electronic displays, and the LED systems. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into delivering such a memorable experience night after night. The pool area is another place that I think is underrated because it creates an amazing setting near the bar and sitting area of the club. Partygoers usually escape the vibrant energy of the club and enjoy the nighttime pool area to refresh and recharge.

Location: 12 KG 303 St, Kigali

Opening Hours





Given the location of Chillax Lounge, I didn’t expect the vibrant energy this place is filled with.  I think this is one of the most opulent and beautiful nightclubs in Kigali. Their superb lighting arrangement and famous DJs that you can enjoy with sit-down table service are something to die for. Add to that a gorgeous dance floor and the cocktails that are relatively economical, basically, there’s no box that they didn’t tick.

Location: KG 13 Ave, Kigali

Opening Hours

All week 08:00-00:00 



A night out is fun but sometimes you have to figure out how to get around. In the earlier hours of the evening, it is fairly easy to get around Kigali using public buses but in the later hours, it is more convenient to use cabs or mottos. I would recommend downloading the Move or Yego Cabs App which works like uber or call 9191 to get a Yego cab dispatch or 1010 to a ride with Move. But don’t forget, you can also try the motos which are the easiest way to get around!



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