Wine and Dine: 10 Places You Need To Try


Food is of various significance in our life from health benefits to creating magical moments among family, friends, or simply acquaintances. Rwanda prides itself in creating memorable experiences through dining which is why there’s no shortage of places to wine and dine. We have hand-picked a few places with exceptional dining experiences that fill you up with everlasting memories

Fine dining

We believe that fine dining goes beyond world-class recipes, beautiful scenery, or exotic restaurants. The whole experience possesses a tone; it becomes a way of life and discourse that connects dinners with nature through food. It is a joy to see that Rwanda has places that offer fine dining inspired by your imagination to delight your taste buds.

Fusion Restaurant

Fusion Restaurant enjoys an idyllic location in the Retreat hotel, next to the hotel’s rock gardens and saltwater pool. It’s the destination of choice for culinary connoisseurs, with a fine-dining menu that brings the culinary traditions of Italy, Mauritius, and Morocco to life using distinctly Rwandan ingredients.

Inka steak house

Inka is a modern steakhouse offering excellent hospitality service with a blend of international dishes serving juicy red meat steaks. The restaurant offers a great dining experience with a wide variety of complimentary tasty sauces and refreshments to accompany the crunchy crackling steak juices that melt in your mouth.

Ubumwe Grand Hotel

The rooftop of Ubumwe Grand Hotel is host to a restaurant that has the greatest view of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali city. The cuisine is the perfect match for the rooftop views, and with world-class staff to serve you, the fine dining experience doesn’t get any better.

Filini Restaurant, Radisson Blu Hote

Filini is an Italian-inspired restaurant with delicacies and is usually flooded with high-end clients from KCC and Radisson Blu Hotel. The restaurant provides a great atmosphere, and excellent customer service will leave you with a memorable fine dining experience.

International cuisine

Rwanda has over the years been embracing its status as the number one growing economy, the most innovative and creative country on the African continent. As the global status of Rwanda grows, Rwanda must embrace diversity other than with dining experience. This explains why Rwandais host to many international restaurants from around the world. Make sure not to miss out on the following restaurants

Poivre Noir

Elevating the culinary experience of Rwanda to a new level, Poivre Noir is truly the epitome of Belgian and French cuisine. Well-known for incorporating Rwandan local ingredients into international dishes, their burgers are a must for most people who come to this place. Their thoughtful selection of wines doesn’t go unnoticed by the large clientele that is loyal to them.

Zaffran restaurant

Those nostalgic for the taste of Southern Asia cuisine while in Kigali, The Zaffran Restaurant is that place for you. The Zaffran Restaurant is an Indian restaurant renowned for curries, naan, mango lassi, and of course paneer. The immersive and relaxing atmosphere is part of what attracts their enormous clientele looking for a place to dine and entertain. In short, this place honors exquisite cuisine and radiates a positive aura hence creating a memorable experience.

Soy Asian Table

If you’re craving Asian fare, stroll past Poivre Noir to Soy Asian Table. With its vibrant table settings, stunning gardens, and glowing decor, this lively restaurant brings the East to Rwanda. Soy offers authentic Chinese and Thai food. Sample something of everything via the extensive dim sum menu, or opt for a bowl of aromatic Thai soup. Mains range from Thai classics like green curry and cashew chicken to Chinese staples like kung pao calamari and tofu in Szechuan sauce. Whatever your tastes, with a seemingly endless array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something to your liking.


A touch of luxury, elegance, and beauty just like Italy ought to be. Aside from the calming, relaxing nature, this restaurant has no shortage of fine wine since it has a well-stocked wine cellar. From Politicians to celebrities, this is the place where Rwanda’s high-class rub shoulders to dine and network. If you ever come to this sanctuary don’t leave without having their succulent steaks, ducks, or again their homemade pasta dishes. And that is without mentioning their pizza and salads but most especially their lunch buffet which has become the ultimate Kigali secret. In brief, we guarantee you that the only words you will say after experiencing Brachetto are “Spaventoso(a)”!

Vegan Dining

As animal product-free diets become more commonplace, the Rwanda culinary experience is diversifying to accommodate the appetite for vegan cuisine. Most of the restaurants in Rwanda offer vegan options on the menu but the following places stand out.

Afia Organics

This is Kigali’s first nonethnic 100% vegetarian restaurant with an extensive vegan menu and one of the first restaurants to offer non-dairy milk, detox juice packages, and vegan desserts. The menu offered is diverse and includes, smoothies, juices, smoothie bowls, waffles, sandwiches, vegan mac and cheese, tofu fried chicken, and various salads. American food with a few vegan twists on Rwandan classics and make sure to try out their vegan chocolate cupcake

Turambe Shoppe

This restaurant takes healthy diets to a whole new level. An array of dishes are offended to cater to all vegan taste buds from gluten-free soups to many vegan options. The menu is extensive including vegan salads, guacamole, hummus, and salsa. What makes this place stand out is that they specialize in healthy and fast food although their menu is very vegan and vegetarian-friendly. The atmosphere in this restaurant is unmatched and the quality of their dishes is what keeps their loyal clientele.

Let this serve as an invitation to indulge your appetite in the diverse dining experiences Rwanda has to offer. We encourage you to explore and enjoy cuisines from all over the world without ever leaving the country. Go back in time without leaving the present through the traditional dishes, and experience the high life through fine dining. Those looking for more adventure or visiting Rwanda check out our recent blogs.

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