1000 Hills Distillery, A Different Type of Happy Hour

Now this place is a hidden gem with a lot of different things to do to help you explore your days.

First, if you like cocktails, there are so many different and unique combinations of drinks that you can always discover a new flavor. Of course, you have your favorites like a Screwdriver, Martini, or even Long Island Iced Tea, but try a new adventure as I did with my friends and do a cocktail beer, tea, or even wine. They have some excellent blends and some great food.

But where the distillery stands out is on their tours. See, the 1000 Hills Distillery is located at KK 30 Ave in Rebero near Heaven Garden. The distillery offers beautiful mountain views of the Gahanga area, craft cocktails, a cafe, bistro, and tours of their distillation process. You can learn so much about the company’s work throughout the country, the collection of rainwater, or even the distillery’s history, as there are not many in Rwanda.

The tours are very casual yet still informative. The liquors created there are very popular and can be found in many major stores and outlets. It’s a beautiful lesson and vibe; you get to eat great food and drink more cocktails later.

It’s 25,000Rwf, for the introductory tour, which is about a one-hour guided tour of their facility and a liquor tasting.

Their “Ultimate Tour” comes with tastings of their liquors, infused coffees, and a meal for 50,000 Rwf.

Other tour packages include a meal, liquor tasting, and a cocktail. Their tours are offered daily from 11 am to 5 pm.

Auntie Wynndie
Author: Auntie Wynndie

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